Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eeyore Revisited

This latest foray into brain tumorland has left me semi-impaired, hopefully temporarily. It's difficult to type.
My fiance tells me I can't just expect to recover immediately, but I do, I do expect it!


Ryusennin said...
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Ryusennin said...

Rest in Peace Deborah. You were one of the few people at MobyGames I genuinely respected.

I was just listening to "Sunrise on Lake Pontchartrain" (Benjamin Button) when I learnt of your passing. Incredibly sad, yet oddly uplifting. You will be remembered.

Goodbye Deb!

JennyD said...

Ohhhh, Deb, I didn't know until this very moment that you'd passed on. Omg, I am sobbing. I send a million blessings your way and soooo much love. You were incredibly beautiful, inside and out, and will be so, so missed.
Love from your old blog buddy,

JennyD said...

To this day, I still think of you, Deb. Miss our notes back and forth so darn much and just wanted to drop by to let you know. You see? Never forgotten and never will be.
Xoxoxo JennyD

JennyD said...

It's 3 years since I last left a note to you. You were so lovely, Deb, and I know your spirit is extraordinary. You have crossed my mind many times over these years and I just wanted to say I miss you. Still never forgotten. XOxoxo