Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pooh Corner

I'm still not feeling much like writing, I'm in Eeyore mode, full of gloom and doom about nothing in particular...

Just had a CT lung scan and a brain MRI, and I'll be on tenterhooks until I get the results. For some reason I'm not optimistic the way I usually am. I'm five years into my diagnosis, past the statistical "due date" for lung cancer patients, not in pain, working, taking a relatively easy treatment - a pill once a day - but these days could be coming to an end as a previous scan showed new nodules. If the new scans come back showing growth I'll have to get back into the days of chemo and all that entails...ugh! I've been spoiled by Tarceva!
My COPD seems to be getting worse, too.

"Good morning, Pooh Bear," said Eeyore gloomily. "If it is a good morning," he said. "Which I doubt," said he.


JennyD said...

Oh crap, Deb; I'm sorry you're feeling so down. It's pins and needles waiting for test results, I know. I am VERY sorry to hear about the new nodules and about the COPD feeling worse. Let's hope it's something other than the worse. Chemo is no fun, I know. I've seen so many of my friends go through it and I think they are all braver than I would be. I'm saying prayers for you and sending good vibes your way.
I saw you'd been by and commented on Lee. Well, at first they thought she had leukemia last year, then just recently they've said she didn't but that she's right on the line for it. For the life of me this moment I can't think of what it's called that she has...initials, starts with an M.
Now why the leg thing happened, none of the docs knows. Man, it's been a hell of a month. BUT, tonight she was sent home from the rehab and will have a little home care coming in each day for a while. I'll be seeing her tomorrow and if I feel like blogging at all, will write on Sunday or thereabouts. I'm a little pooped at the moment from the last month. Normally her daughter would have been doing the running around (not that I minded at all), but the very day that Lee went into the hosp, her daughter went in for knee replacement surgery, so she hasn't been able to get around at all...until today, lol. Gotta love how fate works.
Well, I can see I'm writing an entire blog on your page, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. It's almost 10:30pm and I'm going to curl up with the cats and hope for sleep.
You KNOW I'll be back to visit you and bug you to death. Can't help it. I care :)

LazyMom said...

Come back Nyack blogger!

JennyD said...

Deb, I haven't been blogging or anything for so long...last March 2011 was the last and only a short update. But it's 3:30am right now and I was thinking about you and wondering how you are. Are you back in chemo again? Are you doing all right? I hope so, and I hope you can find a minute to let me know. You're welcome to use my email address at any time. I believe you have it, but just in case, it's :
Please drop me a line if you get the chance. xoxoxo